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Signature Series; -Monster Cat- Pro Tournament Boat Rods.

 - World Class Components and Blank's -

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> Saltwater tested, Casting, Spinning and Hvy Duty Boat Guides, whatever your need is.

Guide Rings, Compressed inserts in today's world of fishing components withstand all of the high power braided lines! Without the fear of them popping out with a lifetime guaranty!!.

 > RING'S)(Nano-Lite, Colored Titanium Nitrite coated Zirconium's, Hard Aluminum Oxide, Industrial Hard Double Chromed Plated Stainless, Solid 316SS Double Braced with Full Custom Carbide Rings available.

 > Guide Frames, either Solid Titanium, SW-Hy Duty Industrial Hard Chrome or Black over Brass, Double Hard Chromed Plated over Stainless Steel, Polished Stainless Steel with TiCh Coated and Solid Stainless Steel. complete with matching tip tops.



  - Doubled footed guides, come with full under wraps shown above on all Boat Rods, needed on the Hvy rods, with single inlays center using only the finest wrapping thread, Size A thread which serves as a protective barrier between the blank and guides foot while the rod is repeatedly being flexed year after year.

  - All Guides, come with color coordinated over-wraps on Guides feet to match under-wraps as shown above.


  - So Many, Thread colors and styles to choose from, many more options than shown above. Variegated thread, Multiple color patterns appear very different on the spools than when wrapped on the rods blank as shown above. 

- Alps Reel Seats, are Machined from the highest grade quality, light weight  Marine Alum. Choose from several styles and color combinations; Alps, Forecast Components, all come with a Super Hard Anodized Finish and Double locking lugs. A perfect choice for pure strength and beauty, the ultimate in custom fishing rod components from the guides, seats and caps along with many other accessories to complete the finest of all rods today. 

Alps Guides are becoming the first choice of custom rod builders worldwide.                                                                                           


- Custom Handles, Themed Handles as well; created upon request.
> Handles, of Cork, Hypolon and Closed cell Hard EVA in several colors, Laminated Hard Eva in several colors as well. 
            - MONSTER CAT -
         ~~~~~Tough ~~~~~

  Boat Rod blanks Custom designed into the worlds greatest Catfish Rod Built today, The Lower and Mid sections strong Enough to Battle and pull 800lb tunas to the boat after 4hrs of extreme back breaking , drag pulling  action.

 That testimony alone makes me proud of the DESIGN, the EXTREME RAW POWER of the MONSTER CAT PRO TOURNAMENT BOAT RODS.

Custom Built to win in the Cat fishing tournaments today. You must put Big Fish on the scales at the end of the day. When you hang into that big fish, do you want to waste precious time playing and fighting that fish what seems like forever with production rods you find on the market today?, you want to get that fish in the boat and your bait back out in that honey hole before that school of cats move on.

 I've done 35+ years of homework/cat-fishing and testing every technique I could think with so many different rods, trying to find a rod that would help me achieve the above with no luck.
 I put all this information together with a boat rod blank and with a little give and take I give you the Monster Cat Boat Rod, The first rod custom designed fishing rod for the Cat Fishing community on the market, that happened way back in 2005 when cat-fishing first started growing into the sport we have today, one of Americas Favorite Pastimes.

When catfish are schooled up and feeding, they are doing just that as a pack, all of them searching for the scent that they just encountered' unless your singling out a Monster Flathead under structure. But when your bait is not in front of them you lose out on more fish at the end of the day. Which equals less money at the end of the day as well. Know that Catfish are social critters that travel in schools, the faster you get that same bait on top of that same area you hooked up at your going to catch more fish plain and simple They are in a feeding frenzy at that time fighting for the bait, actually hunting for the bait the scent you've created for them.

 Monster Cat Pro Tour Boat Rods allow you to do just that, bring every hookup to the boat smoothly and quickly. You don't have to pull and tug with the blank bending through the handle, causing you to waste precious time. Monster Cat rods at a 45-50% degree angle that lets you feel the fight, every pull and tug, but as you stop cranking as the fish takes off on a run pulling a set drag the custom designed Mid-section and tip keeps on fighting the fish for you and quickly responds and overpowers the fish and pulls it back, that's power built right in the blank action.
              -  Monster Cat Pro Tournament Boat Rods, they'll do all the work for you  -
            Sounds to good to be true? Try one yourself and see what I'm talking about!


                                          - PUT MONSTERS IN THE BOAT -
                                  - MONSTER CAT- Pro Tournament Boat Rods -

 Power's and Actions explained;


Please read this slowly to understand what it says about you rods. Pull on your favorite rods today and make the correct choice today for your custom rod.

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