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Signature Series; -Monster Cat- Pro Tournament Boat Rods.

- Comparing production rods to Custom Rods ;
                                                  - Is like comparing a VW Bug to a Rolls Royce. -

    Just for thought's' How many times have you gone into a store to purchase a fishing rod and pick up a dozen or so without finding anything that comes close to what you are looking for, it's almost impossible to find one' Correct?. Commercially produced rods cost about 5.00-10. bucks overseas and by the time they get here someone gets them at a low price of 20-25. each and then mark them up to sell at 65-95. to you everyone is the same.
  Production Rods have only two things in mind, Quantity and the Consumer. Rods are created in different lengths, mass produced with identical handles, grips, guide placement and wraps, all with the same good looking appearances but not truly designed to do the job in question.
 So many things are designed into a blank for each and every species fished for. Monster Cat Blanks were designed for the Boat fishermen, then in turn designed into a Catfish fishermen s dream .

     Is there really a difference?. I guarantee there is;  Everyone is different! Custom built rods are built for each and every customer, They are designed around the requests and body stature of each individual.

It's critical that the custom rods are truly customized to fit each individual hands, arms and overall body height for a true custom rod that will perform its duty in comfort for them. Question, when you pick your Boat rod up to your waist to fight a fish, with your rod at the perfect 45-50^angle, Is your reel sitting in the exact spot you would love it to rest, is your fore-grip hand in the perfect position holding the fore-grip at this angle to fish more comfortably ? or would you move either both up or down the rod a little to place it in that hot spot? maybe your fore-grip needs to be at a greater length?. That is just a couple questions I know your answer too, and it is not really, 98% of the time customers want them in a different position just saying.

                                                                                  ( CUSTOM RODS are High performance rods.)

   Testimony for you, I spotted this Big fish on the finder laying on bottom about 25' from the bank which was covered in fallen trees in 22' of water. I went over this fish 4 times before anchoring above him and then drifted back to where he was laying and tied off, First cast with the gut pocket of skip jack over the side of my brothers boat, whom tied off on mine, handed him the rod and told him to put it in the holder just in front of the console. I kneel ed down to bait up another and my son screamed get him ! get him!, I thought he was pulling our leg as always until he screamed again Get Him! Get Him!!. I looked over and the MC100 was bent over like a full drawn re-curve and went down a little further and the drag slipped, when that rod started bouncing  back up it and started back down, I knew we had that Monster Cat hooked up. My Brother jumped up front and grabbed it as I was on my way, before he could set the hook the fish about pulled him overboard as I grabbed his shirt to keep him from going overboard. I knew at this point all he had to do is be patient, we definitely had hooked up with that Monster I marked on the screen. He was right at boat side, straight down on bottom in 22' fast water, sunken trees all over the place, and if this fish moved 15-20' any way at all' we would have lost him, simple as that. Warren had to hold him at boat-side, 4-5 or 6 times I told  him' The reels drag was set' just let the rod do the rest...


That fish took off on several runs never to gain more than 6-9"of line from hook set til we had him boat side, The credit is due not only to Warrens fishing skills, but the blanks awesome power in the butt section as well as the built in action in the Mid section and tip to hold him in place. That rod proved itself to be a winner just then. I knelled to the side and grab this 1 1/2' wide head by its gill plates and with one fluid motion I raised him up and slid him over the side into the boat as I laid down with it on deck. As I raised up I looked down at a fish and is was almost as long as I was tall . I looked at Warren and my son Mark both looked in amazement at the shear size of this fish it took a moment to sink in and to say anything. I reached down and pulled the # 10 Gamakatzu Octopus out of the tongue of this Monster and just laughed. I looked up into heaven and thanked the Lord for such a MONSTER CAT to prove my Monster Cat Pro Tournament Boat Rods.


We hung it on a new set of 100lb scales as Warren tried to lift it up, It bottomed the scales out 3-4 times just as fast as we hung them on him, Warren could not even get him fully off the deck. To this day I have seen some big fish that has not even come close to the size of this fish that went 120lbs. We caught a Ky State Record no doubt that day. It was every bit of 120-30+lb Fish, close to 5 1/2'x 48 3/4" at stomach, close to 14" between the eye's, BEAST, a MONSTER we only dream of catching,  and Caught on the MC100, designed and built for the Monster Flat heads but it sure shined on us that day fighting this Blue Cat.


 I didn't take chances on hurting the fish any more than the split lip by the scales by traveling with it on deck to the dock and wait for DNR to weigh it in Officially, so I knelled down and got the fish rolled up onto my legs and as I stood' leaning backward I managed to roll him up onto my stomach then pulled it up on my chest as you can see the water marked shirt, that is how far the belly of this fish was hanging down, His gut was 3 times the size you see.  As soon as the pictures were taken I turned and dropped him back into the river in which he came to fight again someday.

I just smiled as I am now' just thinking about the Beast. I'm holding that Beautiful MONSTER of a Blue above..  I know without a doubt, here at FlameKeeper Rods I have created the best cat-fishing boat rod a man could ask for.

Not only that' I can and will always use the personal information supplied by you' to create you the highest quality, balanced custom rod you'll ever need for any type of fish you seek. If you want to go with a highly custom rod with all the bells and whistles or the Basic Monster Cat Rods, all will be built to be a beauty, super strong, light weight, perfect in balance, that will provide you with a life time of fishing pleasure.

The picture at the top here shows the Big Blue, Which if it's belly wasn't stuck to my shirt it would have hung down below my waist. estimated weight was around 120+#. It bottomed out the 110# scales so fast it ripped from it's jaw as you can see. My brother could not get the tail off the deck while holding it up and he stands 6'2". It was close to 56"x47" girth. Monster Cat it was.


                                                                                 -  Beautiful, Hand Crafted one at a time Custom Rods   -


                                                                      "I refuse to have a rod returned because of inferior components used,

                                                                                But welcome a returned Customer because of the highest."   

                                                                  Signed by: Kenneth Price, Owner and Sole Proprietor of  FlameKeeper Rods.

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